Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Friday again, just kidding, it's still Thursday. Don't panic you still have one day left before Christmas. I didn't know if I would have a chance to post tomorrow, so I'm putting this up a little early for Illustration Friday. This is a picture of my home (the topic of the week). I had fun experimenting. It's painted in acrylic and digitally enhanced in Photoshop with filters.

P.S. From my home to yours, Merry Christmas! Happy Day if you don't celebrate Christmas.

I've been having a bit of a rough time thus far in the holidays, and I have been searching for those "nice" things that happen that we sometimes forget to notice. Here are some extra nice things I have noticed in the last few days:

...a nice (teen boy) sales clerk:
He remained calm and patient with everyone that came through his lane.
Here's a small part of our conversation:

me: "Hi, how are you today? Maybe I shouldn't ask, you're probably pretty crazy by now."

him: "Well, yeah, but no crazier than you are right now. Actually it's probably worse for you."

...the response from a three year old in class when Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas:

"To see my grandma and grandpa." I almost cried; thank goodness she is going to see them, I don't think my heart could take it if she didn't get that wish.

...the child who sat next to me drew a picture, loudly licked the envelope she put it in, and then said:

"My mommy bought this just for you. Merry Christmas."

...all the "thanks yous" and hugs I got for Christmas. (Side note: this was for just doing my job--the joy of being an assistant teacher to the 5 and under set!)

...the heart felt words from children like, "I'm going to miss you, Miss Kelly. I love you in my heart."

...all the gifts I've seen donated by toys for tots, local business, and churches. People are good, and their generosity is astounding. I only wish people would realize any time is a good time to give, not just Christmas time.

...the gifts from my "students" (are they students in pre-school?) and co-workers.

...the love that my son and his friends continue to show the parents of the boy tragically killed in a car accident 10 days ago. They have collected money and Christmas ornaments, put together a video tribute of him, and went to his mother's house to decorate her Christmas tree. Many of them also plan to spend part of Christmas Day with her (it also would have been Winston's 18th birthday) because, they don't want her to be alone.

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(P.S. On the Christmas Eve post there is a holiday greeting and gifts.)
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